Friday, February 26, 2010


I have been involuntarily thrown into the cake business.
Not that it is my business or anything

It was not a goal of mine to start making wedding cakes,
but when I started school at Dixie, I promised my
roommate that I would make her wedding cake.
So about 3 years later, I got a call from that roommate
ready to collect on her cake. I was super nervous because
I hadn't been through the advanced pastries class yet.

But nevertheless, I was going to make it. It kept me up
at night, and I would have nightmares of what crazy things
could go wrong.

I did it and it was really not as bad as I thought it would be.

Once you've done one cake, people think you are an expert.
I was volunteered to do a few more cakes but I am grateful
for this because it has given me great experience.

I will have a few more to add to my collection in the
next few months. Wish me luck!

Micah & Rachel Christensen
(Most recent)

Matt & Katie Anderson
(Bro & Sis-in-laws)

Nick's Cousins
(made with Angie)

Alisa & Daxton Lasm
(My very first cake made with help from Jesse)

Hopefully I will get better with every cake I make.
It has been a fun little hobby.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Critics Say YES!

Of all the gourmet cuisine I have had the privilege of consuming,
I can truly say pizza is still one of my favorite foods if not
my favorite food...Nick and I are always in the mood for pizza.

So a few years ago we were introduced to this lovely little gem
by my beloved Kim and Abe, and since then, have become regulars.

Cafe Galleria is located in Midway, and has the best wood fire
pizza we have ever had. It is extremely authentic.

Our favorite pizza would be the pepperoni pizza with kalamata
olives. The Italian sausage pizza is also delicious.

If you order a Caesar salad, expect to get a very traditional one.
I love anchovies in a Caesar dressing but eating a whole anchovy
does not float Nick's or my boat.

After dinner in Midway, we go to Dairy Keen in Heber for famous shakes!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Is it so cold in Provo all of the sudden? Days like today make me wish we
were back in Virginia Beach (in the summer), where it is the perfect
temperature on the beach everyday!
Nick and I disagree about this, he is more of a chilly California beach boy and I like it scorching hot on the beach.

Pic taken at Cape Charles, VA

This weekend we got to go up and see our baby! He has lost his
baby body and is such a big boy. As much as I could eat him
up now, I sort of miss him being this size
I can't imagine how much I will love my human baby if I love my puppy baby this much!

Speaking of babies...Congratulations to my beautiful friend
Danielle (Don)on her pregnancy! I can't believe she is so grown
up and having a baby when just a few short years ago,
we were crazy girlies at college doingwhat crazy girlies do.
Oh how I love her and am so excited for a
little Don to be here soon.
Pic I stole from Don's facebook...Don to a T

Speaking of babies again...Tonight I made Dutch Baby Pancakes
with strawberries!They were so good!
This is the second time I have used this recipe
and both times they have turned out perfect. I highly
suggest trying it!I put powdered sugar on the top and
sauteed some stawberries with sugar to
make a glaze and it is delicious!

Friday, February 19, 2010

we consider ourselves

Food Critics

Ever since attending culinary school, going out to eat most of the
time is ruined for me. I analyse everything about the presentation,
how quickly our meals come out, if it is cooked correctly.

I love when I am pleasantly surprised with a perfect experience!
Like I had at Benja's on Valentine's day

So we went to Gloria's Little Italy in Provo a few weeks ago.
It was a Friday night so it was hopping. I had heared mixed
reviews but we wanted to make our own opinion.

I ordered Chicken Marsala and Nick ordered Chicken Parmesana,
two classics. First, our meals came out way too fast for a busy
Friday night. I think all we waited was a total of 8 minutes.
I know the tricks of getting a meal out quickly but from
order to table, that was too fast.

Second, my fettucini noodles had absorbed any sauce they
once had.My entree was hot from the heat of heat lamp, not
from a saute pan. I know how to make the perfect Chicken Marsala
and this was far from.

Nick was disappointed with his Chicken Parmesana but I won't
go into detail for him.

I should listen to my classmates warning! Next time I will.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

our weekend cont...

The babies were so much fun this weekend. I don't know
why we still call them "the babies"
because they are getting so big. Probably because
they will always be our babies
no matter how big they get. Muah.

Picture missing miss angelina bella

On Monday we all went over to the park and played baseball and soccer and tag and any other game we could make up.

I am still sore and it is thursday.
Don't worry, I am working on getting back in shape.

Alessia an I were inseperable the whole weekend.
That girl can entertain me for hours!

Then we went to Pirate Pizza and played all the games.
We are not very good gamers. Not that I am ashamed of that.
The pizza was really good surprisingly.

For Valentine's day we bought a new bed to go with the new headboard I made for Christmas! We are so excited about it and I will post pics of it as soon as I find the perfect bedding to go with it.

So we made each other homemade items to celebrate the actual day. I made him a book of all of our love notes and a collage of our love..

I am in love with love and with being in love!

That is a lot of saying the word love

Nick made me a headband stand! I was thrilled to say the least!

This is two days in a row for blogging! I think that is a record for me. Nick wants me to start blogging more because I hate writing in a journal. Here's for trying to be a good wife...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our V day...

was the best one yet!
so we hadn't been to STG for Christmas yet so we
decided with our siblings that this weekend would be the best.
We got there Saturday morning and opened presents...
So fun! I think we should have extended
Christmas every year. We then went to check out a new
consignment store. I don't even remember the name but
it is not worth the time, even though the outside is very
inviting. For dinner we went to Benja's. We all got different
entrees and shared. It really was the best meal I can remember
having! It was a beautiful culinary experience. Everywhere we eat
I always want to go peek into the kitchen,
but since it was Valentine's
I stopped myself.

After that we went to a swing dance!.

There is a picture to come from the dance.

Since our brother Heinz is
a world champion ballroom dancer and our sister is a professional
ballerina, it was hard to keep up hahahaha.
I don't think we have laughed that hard since...I can't remember.
In the middle of bouncing around the dance floor we
would have to stop and contain our laughter.
It was picture perfect, framed from the 50's.

More to come on our fabulous weekend!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You RedBox

Lindsey and I are RedBox junkees. It's safe to say that we are obsessed. We can tell you which RedBox locations are empty, full, and which ones will always have the newest releases. Here is an update and critique on some recent flicks we've watched.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: loved it, felt like a kid again.
Land of the Lost: goofy, yet, one of Will's better movies because its not terribly crude.
The Fantastic Mr. Fox: we actually saw this in the dollar theater and had low expectations. Turned out to be a pleasant surprise of decent entertainment. Definitely worth paying a dollar for.
This Is It: Lindsey enjoyed watching Michael dance and sing for an hour a little more than I did. If you wanna see Michael in action, watch his Moonwalker film from 1988.
Surrogates: Lindsey falling asleep while watching a movie is a nightly occurrence, but when I fall asleep, that's a big deal. Surrogates was pretty lame.
Four Christmases: absolutely hilarious, we laughed out loud the entire movie.
Terminator Salvation: man's movie. I could watch the terminators over and over, Lindsey definitely fell asleep in this one.

So again, thank you RedBox for making our lives that much more exciting.