Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Season

Happy Holidays! While some of you may just be setting up your Christmas trees and decorating your houses with lights, Lindsey made sure to have our tree and lights up before Halloween. We are so excited for the Christmas season and can't wait to hang with our families for the holiday festivities. We get two months of Christmas this year because the Andersen Christmas will be postponed until the end of January so Elder Jed can join us (can't believe it's been two years!). I posted a few pics to give an update on our holiday season thus far. Happy Holidays everyone!
We enjoyed an enchanted evening of lights at Temple Square.

Although he may look like a tough little Shih-Tzu, Gino can become a bit cowardly around other dogs. But after a few minutes of sniffing, Fenway and Gino played in the snow until their paws were frozen.

This sight can be seen on any given Sunday at the Andersen home. Cam, Bear, Linds, and Gino warming up to their artificial log of choice, a DURAFLAME!

Anyone who reads our blog may get the assumption that Linds and I are overly obsessed with our little boy Gino. Well, you may be right. One of Gino's favorite winter activities is to run from one end of the yard to the other while dragging his face through the snow. We can't keep him away from the snow. He will literally try to stay outside until he can't stop shaking from the cold. But don't think he stops there; after warming up for a few minutes by the fire, Gino is back at the door ready to go out again.

Meesch, Linds, Kara, and Kerry at Jenna's wedding dinner.

Neck, Nog, and Snog at the BARBER-SMALL residence. Lindsey has never been happier to play a little holiday Bingo. We enjoyed wonderful food, nastalgic turlte necks, and about 3 and a half hours of the most extreme game of signs.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lindsey ran her first 10K last weekend with her sister Camie and girlfriend Jess! The three of them showed up to the race a little late and ended up sprinting a mile from the parking lot just to make it to the starting line in time, ha ha. After finishing the 6.2 + 1 miles of the race, the girls decided they are ready for their next big challenge, a half marathon. Way to go LINNY!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dana Point

We went to the beach last week and it was so fun.
Here is our trip in pictures...

Angelina really knows what will get the cameras flashin

The whole gang in our couple matching hoodies ha

Nick and I being silly

Love our family

Got a little long boarding in...It is in fact what
brought us together in the beginning

Went to Ruby's

For this girl's birthday!

Just in love (It looks like Nick's hair is crazy spiky but it really is
just a palm tree, don't worry)

Put on LOTS of lip gloss

Met Mickey Mouse

Ate anything our little hearts desired

The beach was FREEZING!

Love this couple

Another Feast! (Didn't capture the grilled corn...delicious)

Last but not least! It was Nicholas Jay's birthday!
He got a sick skim board from his family and got
his groove back!

I miss you Nick. Please send me more pics okay!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i am in love with warm weather, Popsicles, beaches, sun-kissed noses,
and everything else that goes along with summer.
i feel weird with a grown up schedule and making grown up
decisions. we were talking the other day, and occurred to me
that if we wanted to, we could just move anywhere or take a
vacation anywhere and there would be no one to stop us. (we
do have jobs, but still). it made me feel so free and grown up.
weird. anyway, off the subject, right now Gino is digging in his toy
bowl and pulling out every bone he owns and scattering them
all over the floor. he is so random ha ha. i love his little brain.

this post is for my Nicholas who is in New York right now and wanted me
to blog while he was gone so he could have something
to read. Hi babes! i miss you already!

here are some photos of our baby and our recent beach trip

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Post Grads!!!

We are DONE! (at least for a little bit!) Nick with a
degree in Business Finance from BYU and me a
degree in Culinary Arts from UVU.

It is a little bittersweet. I will really miss seeing all of those
faces I see everyday! I am so grateful for the
relationships I have made in the past 2 years. All the
chefs and my class family! I am so lucky to have learned
from the very best!

BUT... on to the next phase of our lives. I feel that we
are so grown-up. We are starting our careers! Woo!

Now if we can just sell our apartment in Provo, we
can spread our wings a little wider...Grrr

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

another weekend with the babies

my cutest little munchkins came up a couple weekends ago and we had the best time. my brother-in-law Heinz is kind of a big deal in the ballroom dancing world and he came up to perform in the byu ballroom dance concert. they had 50 years worth of alumni dancing and let me tell you, they still got it! Heinz was front and center with his sister and partner Keisha. they were so spicy and sassy. we loved every minute of it.

we also loved playing with the babes. they get cuter and cuter each time i see them. we feed them lots of candy and let them be crazy with us so i'm sure their parents love when we take them :] what are aunts and uncles for right?

tegan and sara

oh my gosh! i am never going to get over what an amazing night April 6, 2010 was! it was seriously an out of body experience. so nick and i stood in line for about an hour before they let us in, but the company was pretty entertaining if you know what i mean. so we got into the venue and saw all of the merchandise! then camie came and met us and we were serenaded by holly miranda (mentioned below). after holly, was this crazy crazy band i can't even remember what they were called but they were really sweaty and dancy ha. THEN... Teg and Sar. They are better in person i think. they were so witty and charming. they didn't play my favorite song but i didn't really care. tegan was the talkative one and sara was quiet but awesome. we were sandwiched by a bazillion lesbians and nick wanted to beat one up ha. i just know my love for tegan and sara has grown and so has nick's. even though he still doesn't like to listen to them all the time, he appreciates their talent. Muah nick. i love you and that was the best birthday present anyone has EVER given me! (and he bought me a sweater that says tegan and sara on it! Woo!)