Wednesday, April 21, 2010

another weekend with the babies

my cutest little munchkins came up a couple weekends ago and we had the best time. my brother-in-law Heinz is kind of a big deal in the ballroom dancing world and he came up to perform in the byu ballroom dance concert. they had 50 years worth of alumni dancing and let me tell you, they still got it! Heinz was front and center with his sister and partner Keisha. they were so spicy and sassy. we loved every minute of it.

we also loved playing with the babes. they get cuter and cuter each time i see them. we feed them lots of candy and let them be crazy with us so i'm sure their parents love when we take them :] what are aunts and uncles for right?

tegan and sara

oh my gosh! i am never going to get over what an amazing night April 6, 2010 was! it was seriously an out of body experience. so nick and i stood in line for about an hour before they let us in, but the company was pretty entertaining if you know what i mean. so we got into the venue and saw all of the merchandise! then camie came and met us and we were serenaded by holly miranda (mentioned below). after holly, was this crazy crazy band i can't even remember what they were called but they were really sweaty and dancy ha. THEN... Teg and Sar. They are better in person i think. they were so witty and charming. they didn't play my favorite song but i didn't really care. tegan was the talkative one and sara was quiet but awesome. we were sandwiched by a bazillion lesbians and nick wanted to beat one up ha. i just know my love for tegan and sara has grown and so has nick's. even though he still doesn't like to listen to them all the time, he appreciates their talent. Muah nick. i love you and that was the best birthday present anyone has EVER given me! (and he bought me a sweater that says tegan and sara on it! Woo!)

john jay scano

there will always be a special spot in my heart for
nick's dad. even though i have never met him, i am
so grateful for him for giving me nick. it was his
birthday on april 4th and we wanted to pay a little
tribute to him.
i can't say too much about him, but i know by the
stories i have heard and the person that nick has
turned out to be, that he is an incredible man. his
family is so amazing. they are the perfect example
of a traditional italian family and the most important
thing to them is family.
i love him and cannot wait to meet him some day

Holly Miranda

My new favorite Musician!!! Holly Miranda! She hasn't left my
car cd player for the past week and it has been a beauty driving
to her. She is so talented and inspiring. I know I am not a
singer and never wanted to be a singer but Holly made me want
to be a singer haha.
She opened for Tegan and Sara a couple weeks ago and speaking
of Tegan and Sara... They get their own post.
But seriously those of you who have my similar music taste...
You can thank me later.