Tuesday, August 11, 2009

STG Summer (Part 1)

The above pics are all in a jumbled mess but I don't

have the time or the patience to fix them so please bear

with me.

Nick has forced me into the world of climbing, bouldering

and hiking. I can say that I enjoy climbing with rope

and hiking a little, but I don't understand the bouldering sport.

I need to feel accomplished after doing

an activity and I do not receive that satisfaction

after going side to side on a big rock.

Next would be my adventures with Nick's hair.

Nick is very particular about his hair and

trusts me to play with it.

And we matched perfectly for work and I love when

that happens. It has to be an accident or

Nick is super embarrassed. Muah!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

killer dana

Last week was the annual Scano family beach week

I know I have the entire summer to catch up on, but I am going
to bounce up to last week and catch up later.
We did a lot of shopping at the beloved Fashion Island Mall and hung out with this little stinker

Ate delicious red velvet and dark chocolate cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes

Long boarded the pier at Huntington Beach

Nicky bouldered in Corona Del Mar

We watched the sunset every night

Cruzer entertained us for hours. Oh how we love this boy

My lover of course

Played on the beach for hours and hours

Late night stroll at the Montage

Stepped on a bee :(

Ate up our little Angelina Bella

Can't get enough of these guys

We went to the craziest place for dinner one night.

Knott's Berry farm!!! Chicken Dinner...Ate the whole thing!