Sunday, November 30, 2008

sad it's over

We love you long vacation, and don't want you to end! This week has been heaven! I miss sleeping in and being lazy and hanging out with my lover 24/7. I have the best family in the world...We had the best Thanksgiving ever. I will blog about that later but we are going to watch Desperate Housewives first! Can't wait!

Sometimes we like to sit in the hallway and eat and listen to music...Just us

Saturday, November 15, 2008

chuck...happy birthday

today is the birthday of my life long friend Miss Arrienne Mae Shaw Winzeler (Chuck). She is my best friend! She knows me better than anyone else. Even Nick. Some of my favorite memories and favorite things about Chuck are as follows:
flooding of the jacuzzi (Scarred me for life)
living in the camper
all of our clubs that never lasted longer than a week
the hut
spending all day cleaning both of our houses just so we could have a sleep-over
sneeking Michael Jackson and Tori Amos music videos
Ever After
cutting your hair. (layers)
dressing up in your moms scarfs
having tea parties at grandma Ivy's
"take me now"
heart to hearts that lasted all night long
barbies barbies barbies
discovering how to microwave carrots
picking strawberries
"get out of my way"
sumo wrestling on the tramp
after church snacking
exchanging kinky tips
sugar and spice (gotta hold on, gotta have fun, make things right)
I could go on forever. I am so grateful for her. She has been a blessing in my life. It has almost been 20 years and I couldn't love her more. I hope you have a perfect birthday girlfriend.

So this year for her birthday we went to the Hotel Cafe Tour and saw Meiko, Rachel Yamagata, Emily Wells, Kate Havnevik, Lenka, and Thao. Even though I locked my keys in the car right as we were going in, it was still the bomb! We have the best time together and its like we have never been apart.

Emily Wells or "Delicious Vinyl" is what we call this girl above. She is thinking about her girlfriend while she is serenading us. Oh well. Different strokes. All the girls that played were amazing! Wish everyone could have been there.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Babies

These are our two favorite babies: Cruz and Allessia. Snow White and Boba Fett have never looked so cute. The funny thing is that their parents wore the same costumes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

oh the butterflies are still there

Isn't he stunningly beautiful. Oh yes I am the luckiest lady out there. I miss him when he is not right by me. Tonight nick had to work so my dad and I had a lovely 5 course gourmet mexican meal at Greg's restaurant. I love my dad. He is so much fun. So now I am at home missing my Nicholas and blogging about him. He gives me butterflies.


I am in love with school. Just look at what I ate for lunch today. I contributed the gratin dauphinoise potatoes that are hidden underneath. I am a proud little momma although my thumb may have gone through the mandaline while slicing those yummy potatoes. The one downfall of working with real food now instead of just baked goods is that I am getting new finger slices daily. I come home every day and nick inspects and bandages my fresh cuts. What a catch.
And this is me grilling up what you see above. My face is pretty creepy but the fire is exciting. I'm pretty sure some of my eyelashes were seared during the fun.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

rummi rummi

Having family night is our new goal, even though every night is really family night for us. We looked up an inspirational talk about love and played rummikub. I am a rummikub virgin so nick beat me everytime. I love him. He makes everything more fun. I will win next time.

I am in love with hot chocolate and today's cold weather gave me a good excuse to make some. I tried this recipe, which needs some work, but it still hit the spot. If anyone has an exceptional recipe they would like to share with me...I would love them.

Hot Chocolate

2 ounces unsweetened or semisweet chocolate, coarsley chopped

1/3 cup sugar

4 cups milk

In medium saucepan combine chcolate, sugar and 1/2 cup of the milk. Stir over medium heat until mixture just comes to boil. Stir in remaining 3 1/2 cups milk. I love cinnamon so add that now if desired. Heat through, but do not boil. The chocolate flakes with infuse into the milk as heated. Top with whipped cream or marshmallows or if your like me, add both.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I know what you're thinking....Nick is publishing a post?  Yes, I'm back, well I never really started...but whatever.  I made a collage of my favorite material nostalgia(I had to specify material because if it was just my favorite things...I would only have a big pic of the wife...).  The collage includes the essentials...Harrison Ford, UFC,......and Harrison Ford.  The freedom striped boxing pants are actually mine and not Stallones; Sylvester has always had an identity crisis because we all know who the real Italian Stallion is.  Well....that's about it, short and sweet; just remember, this is only the beginning........ my  blogging relationship starts now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

back at it.

We are ready to be more dedicated to our blog, even if we are the only ones who look at it; it will be a good hobby. I have always had a hard time writing in my journal, so this can be an alternative; also, my mom just told me that you can have your blog printed out like a journal. SWEET! Problem solved.
PS. I love my husband...I have been wanting curved edges on my pictures forever and he just figured it out.
PSS. I love daylight savings time! I love that crazy feeling waking up and wondering why my phone says 8:30 and my clock says 9:30. The extra hour of sleep is also a plus.