Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Kids and a Dog

No we don't have two children, I was referring to Lindsey and myself. Has this semester absolutely blown by for anyone else? As fast as days have turned, Lindsey and I have still had time for some embarrasing moments (actually just me). If you're unaware, I work as a server for a local restaurant. The other day during a busy night, I was running back and forth to please some hungery Jazz fans; as I was turning a left corner towards my tables, my left foot slipped on a puddle of water and in the blink of an eye I was airborn. You know those moments in your life whether it be right before a car crash, slipping on ice, tripping down the stairs.......the moments where you recognize your mistake too late and for a split second, you have no control over what happens to you next.......this was one of those moments. I had to just let my body go and wait for the crash. Would this story be any more amusing if I told you my hands were carrying two plates of hot food and all my fellow employees were watching; yes it would. I was now on the ground with a bowl of hot Salmon Chowder covering my body and a Philly Cheese Sandwich spread out across the restaurant floor. I could imagine what everyone watching was thinking...."you are one pathetic loser"..."what a cluts"..."...."who hired this champ". I jumped to my feet and wiped off my face; how embarrasing. It's tough to recover after a fall like that, it does something to a man. Not a day goes by where someone doesn't crack a joke about that fateful day. It's days like this one where I'm glad to have a wife and dog that love me, even when I smell like soup.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A needed update

In relief society today they said that as busy as we are right now, we will only get busier as life goes on. I can't imagine my life any crazier than it is right now. With school taking up half the day and work the other half, it is hard to find time to do anything leisurely like blog. So an update on our lives...I switch blocks in school tomorrow and I am excited for Garde Manger! Hopefully I can whip out my artistic abilities from within and make some sweet fruit, veg and ice sculptures! The restaurant finally opened and is very busy and fun.... With school, work and homework, my days are jam packed and I look forward to Sundays everyweek to hang out with my sexy Nick! Whose life is also very busy right now. He has school everyday and is doing so well. He is interviewing for internships for the summer and our fingers are crossed for the one in Salt Lake. Although we would love to have another adventure this summer, we need a break! He works so hard and I just love love love him.

He wrote me a poem this week...

I love you here, I love you now,

I can't explain exactly how.

You make me warm, you make me smile,

I guess I'll keep you for a while.

He also painted my fingernails purple for me today. What more do I have to say...He is my dream lover.