Sunday, May 17, 2009

G Baby

So yesterday, our little baby was basking in the sun and decides he is a
little too hot...He plops down right under a sprinkler and doesn't move for
like 10 minutes. Who knows what goes on in this little guys head. All we
know is that he could entertain us all day long
We played ball today. It was fun

Can you tell which one is G? He is the one on the right. He is running for fun...
Larry is running for his life. Lar is getting really excited for Gino to leave this
week. He can finally have some peace without Gino nipping at his ears and
following him around all day long.

This pic is G to a T...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Adventure Awaits.....

It seems as though our life unfolds in stages, and the next stage is taking place in the S...T...G. That's right, St. George; I am returning to the place of my birth while Lindsey is re-lighting the candle of her college years.  We will be coming back to Provo for Fall semester, but it will be a much needed getaway from happy valley.  Can we get an Amen that school is out; Lindsey finished at the top of her class, AGAIN, and I survived the Finance Junior Core.
As of late, I have been enjoying my time out of school by shredding the Wasatch Peaks with my mountain bike; who knew Squaw Peak could serve more purposes than one.  Today was Lindsey's first Monday without school and she is happier than ever; she's been taking some well deserved relaxation by chillin with me and reading some Nylon Mag.  Anyone seen "Bride Wars?"  Definitely a must see; "The Day the Earth Stood Still" definitely weird and kinda lame, sorry Keanu.  
STG here we come!