Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

DonGino Corleone Scano

Say hello to the newest member of the Scano family, DonGino Corleone Scano, "Gino" for short. Gino is an Imperial Shih Tzu and weighs only 1 lb; he was Lindsey's surprise Christmas present which she got a little early. The following video is the actual footage.......absolutely it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Angelina Bella

We are so excited to meet the newest baby in our family! Angelina Bella was born December 12, 2008! We are so glad she is finally here! She already has her own blog thanks to her computer genius daddy. See all of the darling new pics here . It is so so fun to have neices and nephews! That was an added bonus to marry into all these babies! Congratulations Angie, Heinz, Cruz and Alessia, on your newest dolly!

PS. Thanks Nicky for that blog post! I love you. You are a cheeseball!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Princess

Say hello to my "Princess," Lindsey Belle.  Lindsey doesn't know that I'm blogging this cause she's at work; I wanted to give a little plug about how she's the raddest wife on the planet.  My little chef has been working and cooking 24 hours a day for the past three's unreal at how good she is getting at this cooking stuff.  I went to school with her yesterday, kinda like a take your friend to school day, and she was choppin..slicing..and an Iron Chef.  Not only is Linds a great chef, she's by far the coolest chick to have around; always wanting to play rummikub, go out on the town (Provo that is), make hot chocolate, find new music to listen to, and just chill at home to watch our favorite shows.  You rock Linny, love you.    

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

its about time...

so since my life has been so crazy lately, and i don't have time to take cool photos documenting our life, i thought i could finally blog about my favorite band in the whole world...Tegan and Sara. I am very passionate about their music. they have been my life backup singers for the past 4 years. sometimes we part for a few weeks or months but we always seem to find our way back to each other. nick likes them too! but usually he only listens to them when "we are apart for a long time and he needs to get the feeling of me back." so enjoy...

Tegan & Sara - Behind Closed Doors 6 [Paradiso Amsterdam]

this is a long video but it really has most of the classics.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy birthday BRITNEY

we have a confession...we love Britney! I love her a little more than nick; although, he does bump to her in the car from time to time. We watched her documentary the other night and it got us psyched about her new cd. Her beats are seriously the bomb! The only thing that could make this music year better is if Justin would give us a new album. Happy Birthday Britney...