Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i am in love with warm weather, Popsicles, beaches, sun-kissed noses,
and everything else that goes along with summer.
i feel weird with a grown up schedule and making grown up
decisions. we were talking the other day, and occurred to me
that if we wanted to, we could just move anywhere or take a
vacation anywhere and there would be no one to stop us. (we
do have jobs, but still). it made me feel so free and grown up.
weird. anyway, off the subject, right now Gino is digging in his toy
bowl and pulling out every bone he owns and scattering them
all over the floor. he is so random ha ha. i love his little brain.

this post is for my Nicholas who is in New York right now and wanted me
to blog while he was gone so he could have something
to read. Hi babes! i miss you already!

here are some photos of our baby and our recent beach trip

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Nick & Lindsey said...

Thanks Linny Baby,I love you and I'm havin a blast in "The City."