Wednesday, April 21, 2010

another weekend with the babies

my cutest little munchkins came up a couple weekends ago and we had the best time. my brother-in-law Heinz is kind of a big deal in the ballroom dancing world and he came up to perform in the byu ballroom dance concert. they had 50 years worth of alumni dancing and let me tell you, they still got it! Heinz was front and center with his sister and partner Keisha. they were so spicy and sassy. we loved every minute of it.

we also loved playing with the babes. they get cuter and cuter each time i see them. we feed them lots of candy and let them be crazy with us so i'm sure their parents love when we take them :] what are aunts and uncles for right?


Rebecca Scano said...

Dear Lindsey,
I love you so much and I sing a song with you.
Dear Nick,
I love you so much. I want to sing a song with you but it's a secret.
love Alessia

The Scano's said...

hahaha I love love Alessia Melania so so much!