Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Season

Happy Holidays! While some of you may just be setting up your Christmas trees and decorating your houses with lights, Lindsey made sure to have our tree and lights up before Halloween. We are so excited for the Christmas season and can't wait to hang with our families for the holiday festivities. We get two months of Christmas this year because the Andersen Christmas will be postponed until the end of January so Elder Jed can join us (can't believe it's been two years!). I posted a few pics to give an update on our holiday season thus far. Happy Holidays everyone!
We enjoyed an enchanted evening of lights at Temple Square.

Although he may look like a tough little Shih-Tzu, Gino can become a bit cowardly around other dogs. But after a few minutes of sniffing, Fenway and Gino played in the snow until their paws were frozen.

This sight can be seen on any given Sunday at the Andersen home. Cam, Bear, Linds, and Gino warming up to their artificial log of choice, a DURAFLAME!

Anyone who reads our blog may get the assumption that Linds and I are overly obsessed with our little boy Gino. Well, you may be right. One of Gino's favorite winter activities is to run from one end of the yard to the other while dragging his face through the snow. We can't keep him away from the snow. He will literally try to stay outside until he can't stop shaking from the cold. But don't think he stops there; after warming up for a few minutes by the fire, Gino is back at the door ready to go out again.

Meesch, Linds, Kara, and Kerry at Jenna's wedding dinner.

Neck, Nog, and Snog at the BARBER-SMALL residence. Lindsey has never been happier to play a little holiday Bingo. We enjoyed wonderful food, nastalgic turlte necks, and about 3 and a half hours of the most extreme game of signs.

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