Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tegan and sara

oh my gosh! i am never going to get over what an amazing night April 6, 2010 was! it was seriously an out of body experience. so nick and i stood in line for about an hour before they let us in, but the company was pretty entertaining if you know what i mean. so we got into the venue and saw all of the merchandise! then camie came and met us and we were serenaded by holly miranda (mentioned below). after holly, was this crazy crazy band i can't even remember what they were called but they were really sweaty and dancy ha. THEN... Teg and Sar. They are better in person i think. they were so witty and charming. they didn't play my favorite song but i didn't really care. tegan was the talkative one and sara was quiet but awesome. we were sandwiched by a bazillion lesbians and nick wanted to beat one up ha. i just know my love for tegan and sara has grown and so has nick's. even though he still doesn't like to listen to them all the time, he appreciates their talent. Muah nick. i love you and that was the best birthday present anyone has EVER given me! (and he bought me a sweater that says tegan and sara on it! Woo!)

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Lewis.Muriel.Lily said...

Oh linds I love you!!!! I can still remember how much you loved tegan and sara! We miss not having you guys here with us! Hope you guys are doing well. We miss you