Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dana Point

We went to the beach last week and it was so fun.
Here is our trip in pictures...

Angelina really knows what will get the cameras flashin

The whole gang in our couple matching hoodies ha

Nick and I being silly

Love our family

Got a little long boarding in...It is in fact what
brought us together in the beginning

Went to Ruby's

For this girl's birthday!

Just in love (It looks like Nick's hair is crazy spiky but it really is
just a palm tree, don't worry)

Put on LOTS of lip gloss

Met Mickey Mouse

Ate anything our little hearts desired

The beach was FREEZING!

Love this couple

Another Feast! (Didn't capture the grilled corn...delicious)

Last but not least! It was Nicholas Jay's birthday!
He got a sick skim board from his family and got
his groove back!

I miss you Nick. Please send me more pics okay!


The Chappells said...

you guys are so cute! I'm so glad you requested updates nick because we all get to see them! And I have to say that long boarding picture made me laugh because it is was so cute of you two but in my head I just kept thinking that if we even could fit on one together it wouldn't turn out like that! haha

Rebecca Scano said...

I love my family. You are sooo cute! I wanna go back to the that it's 80 degrees!